Food Stamps for a Marijuana Card? Not quite.

A sign advertising medical marijuana cards on a road in Phoenix is causing controversy.

Persons driving along the Indian School Road in Maryvale, Phoenix, have been reporting that they have seen a sign advertising medical marijuana cards with two different amounts of cash payments, one for EBT users.

A passerby sent a video of the sign on display. The person added the statement, “They’re taking taxpayer EBT card money, and they’re giving them medical marijuana cards for it.”

In turns out, research was done on the matter, to simply get to the bottom of the issue and understand what was going on.

On Monday ABC15 met with the man holding the sign, Mr. Joseph Macias. He explained that the statement made by the passerby was incorrect. He informed that there was no purchase of marijuana with food stamps, there are only applying a discount.

“It’s not buying it with food stamps, it’s a discount; they don’t trade food stamps at all.”

The office that employees Macias confirmed his statement, they do not accept food stamps or any other form of public assistance material for the purchase of medical marijuana cards, but they do however give a discount to anyone who is currently receiving public assistance. They only acceptable forms of money, such as cash and debit cards. The state’s website was investigated to ensure that these transactions are indeed legal.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) allows persons to purchase many food items such as bread and cereals, meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, infant formula and diabetic foods. However, they are restricted from using those funds to purchase alcohol, including beer and wine. In addition, cigarettes, tobacco and medical marijuana are also prohibited.