Michiganders Want Pot Legalized but 40 of their Dispensaries Have Closed

Last November, organizers in Michigan collected and submitted 365,000 signatures last November, qualifying their bid for a statewide vote in 2018.

The Daily Chronicle also reported in early March that more than six in ten Michigan voters endorse a proposed statewide ballot initiative legalizing the adult use and sale of cannabis.

Instead, Michigan officials recently closed 40 medical marijuana businesses that were operating without valid licenses, the Associated Press reported.

The officials are also expected to warn hundreds of others that they could be next.

“Any business that didn’t apply for a license by Feb. 15 isn’t in compliance with the emergency rules that were set up,” said David Harns, spokesman for the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, said.

On Thursday, the department started the process of closing down facilities, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The emergency rules allow businesses that have applied for a state operating license to temporarily operate under certain conditions. However, hundreds of more businesses are expected to receive cease and desist letters in the coming days.

However, authorities didn’t confiscate products when delivering the letters, Harns said.

The Medical Marijuana Licensing Board will meet next week to consider more applications, but licenses likely won’t be given out until April.

More than 277,000 people have medical marijuana cards in Michigan.

(With Associated Press)