Regulators: Mixing Alcohol and Marijuana Prohibited in California

California state regulators have clarified that combining Alcohol and Marijuana is not allowed.

The regulators emphasized that mixing alcohol and marijuana is prohibited nor sold at the same location.

At least one bar in San Francisco had to be informed by alcohol regulators that CBD infused drinks are prohibited after they added CBD-infused cocktails were added to the menu.

State regulators published a memo to provide guidance.

The document states: “This is not intended to be a comprehensive review of what may be permitted or prohibited. You should obtain independent legal advice before engaging in business involving either alcoholic beverages or cannabis, and you should not act in reliance on any information presented herein.”

In addition, the state’s Cannabis Portal website has added some pointers to further clarify what’s prohibited:

*Sell cannabis and alcoholic beverages at the same location;

*Allow bar patrons to bring their own cannabis to an ABC-licensed location (such as a bar) and allow them to consume it (though there are many bars and pubs that turn a blind eye to such behavior, and did well before recreational marijuana was legalized in California);

*Infuse alcoholic beverages with cannabis that contains THC or CBD;

*And, consistent with earlier direction from the state Health Department, infuse alcoholic beverages—or any other edible product—with CBD that’s derived from “industrial hemp,” which, under state and federal law, is defined as cannabis sativa with less than 0.3 percent THC.