Medical Marijuana Facility in Greenfield May Begin Producing Recreational Marijuana

Patriot Care Corporation in Greenfield, Massachusetts may begin producing recreational marijuana.

Patriot Care Corporation in Greenfield, a producer of medical marijuana is considering moving towards the selling of recreational marijuana. On March 26th, they will be hosting a meeting for the community members to examine the possibility of expanding their marijuana market to include recreational marijuana at their facility on Legion Avenue.

The meeting, which is to be held at the John Zon Community Center, is scheduled less than a month before the facility is to be opened, and months before recreational marijuana is to be legalized int he state.

The spokesman for Patriot Care, Dennis Kunian stated that this is an opportunity for them to invite the community to the senior center to let them know exactly what they are doing and ask any questions they might have.

“The Legion Avenue location is expected to open its doors in mid-April.”

He continued stating that in addition to medical sales, Patriot Care is interested in adding recreational sales to the new dispensary, once the state grants permission. He insisted that the location would be enhanced by the selling of recreational marijuana, but without the cafe aspect. He explained that recreational marijuana was not in the companies initial plan for Greenfield, but the opportunity and the positive aspect changed that.

Currently, the state law gives preference to supplying recreational marijuana to medical marijuana dispensaries that have already gone through the vetting process.

Patriot Care, a subsidiary of medical marijuana giant Columbia Care, opened its first medical marijuana dispensary in Boston. (Image via Curbed Boston)

Medical and recreational marijuana will be kept separate at the location in Legion Avenue

Kunian made it clear that the medical and recreational marijuana will not be intermingling at the location. Also, Patriot Care will not be pushing any plans until after July 1st. Several steps must be put in place at state and city levels before recreational marijuana sales in Greenfield can happen. Applications must be submitted between April 1st and 15th along with the community meeting and background check before they are approved.

Whereas at the city level, Patriot Care has to await the finalization of regulations on recreational marijuana in Greenfield. On Thursday, the Greenfield Planning Board will be discussing the zoning amendment.

Already, Patriot Care and Greenfield finished a host understanding where the company guaranteed to contribute $10,000 to the Greenfield Education Foundation, and additionally pay $25,000 a year to the city in lieu of assessments.

Kunian stated over and over that the expansion of recreational marijuana would not influence Patriot Care’s main goal to serve patients who have conditions that the state permits to be treated with medical marijuana. However, he is unsure of how the sales of recreational marijuana would affect that of medical marijuana.

“We will, no matter what, look to treat patients that can benefit from using our product.”