MMJ International Holdings Files US Patent

MMJ International Holdings Files US Patent Prior to FDA Study for Cannabinoid Treatment Medicine

MMJ International Holdings announced today that it has filed another patent invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This relates to pharmaceutical compounds and methods for treating and/or preventing symptoms associated with cannabinoid responsive diseases and disorders. MMJ is the premier medical cannabis research company that is advancing the science of medical marijuana. Through patient clinical research and the operation of medical cannabis healthcare businesses, they have become a success.

Disclosed Invention Needs Patent

MMJ BioScience’s disclosed invention generally relates to pharmaceutical compounds. In addition, methods for treating and/or preventing diseases and disorders that often manifest in hyper and/or hypo-kinetic movements symptoms. As well as the method of administering therapeutically-effective amounts of a pharmaceutical compound containing cannabinoids to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Huntington’s (HD) disease patients in need of treatment. The disclosed invention further relates to cannabinoid pharmaceutical compounds where said compound contains at least some non-cannabinoid components.

The MMJ BioScience has filed these patents to protect the delivery of its MMJ BioScience® product formulation. This is for its upcoming multiple sclerosis FDA study which is progressing through the Federal Drug Administrations (FDA) regulatory process.

Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, MMJ BioScience’s principal investigator, serves as Executive Director of the New York State Multiple Sclerosis Consortium. Dr. Weinstock-Guttman will oversee the FDA approved study. She will explore the potential therapeutic applications of cannabinoids for progressive multiple sclerosis patients.

Application Process

MMJ International Holdings Corp., along with its subsidiary companies, is dedicated to advancing the sciences involving patient use of medical Cannabis.
MMJH’s mission to provide patients better information for better health while treating with medical cannabis, from our family to yours. via MMJH

In late 2017, MMJ BioScience had submitted an application with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of a new pharmaceutical drug. Unlike other cannabis-type medicines, MMJ BioScience’s medicine is plant derived. When approval is received from the FDA the new medicine will be on sale across America as an approved drug.

MMJ expected approval by the FDA for its new medicine would have a major impact on the emerging cannabis industry which is not federally legal. Most recently the FDA had issued several cease and desist letters to firms that are marketing unapproved cannabinoid products. Whereas non-pharmaceutical companies cannot export their products across state lines, MMJ BioScience would be able to sell its medicine in pharmacies once prescribed by physicians.

MMJ BioScience’s discovery of a novel cannabinoid pharmacology through its network of world-leading scientists, its intellectual property portfolio, proprietary formulations, processing, and regulatory expertise uniquely position us to develop and manufacture plant-derived cannabinoid formulations at sufficient quality and uniformity according to the FDA regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical development.