Profiles: Modern Leaf

What is Modern Leaf and How are they Unique?

Even since the proposed legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, entrepreneurs and businesses have been scrambling to get their foot in a multi-billion dollar market. Requiring innovative ideas to break into an already saturated marketplace, Modern Leaf aims at a different market than your usual stoner group.

Modern Leaf is Part of the Perception revolution

Only in the past few years have consumers of cannabis been regarded as more than just ‘stoners’. New light is been seen as people in professional careers, celebrities, and even large figures like Elon Musk see cannabis as a way to help unwind after work.
Though the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis are becoming well known, many people are still hesitant and reluctant to try it out, primarily due to lack of knowledge. Many first timers are intimidated by the complex intricacies of the plant; how do I smoke it? How much do I have? What are the effects like? Modern Leaf wants to change that.

Focused on a Different Sort of Audience

Modern Leaf isn’t aimed towards those who go through multiple grams per week, medical users, or the daily smoker. Instead, they set their sights on providing the highest quality product to the occasional consumer and those who want to make the experience even more special.

Marijuana as an investment is crucial, with many in the room comparing it to the tech boom of the 1990s or alcohol after prohibition

Healthcare workers, parents, artists, musicians, and professionals across a wide array of careers are the main target, and providing a gentle yet full-fledged experience to those just dipping their toes in the water is their goal.

Focused at providing an upscale and high-end experience, Modern Leaf is the first company geared towards tapping into the boutique natural wellness niche. With health and wellness being a major trend among people, they aim to implement their vision in the best way they know.

How is Modern Leaf Different than a Normal Store?

Modern Leaf also aims to give those curious, yet clouded with uncertainties a clear-cut and friendly experience. Alongside the premium retail experience, wellness and education are pushed as a major focal point.

With their Certified Cannabis Guides, your information and health is trusted to people who know all aspects about the plant. Rigorously trained to advise people in the best manner possible, you’re sure to gain a full understanding with no leaf unturned.

Opting to offer top of the line product with thorough education to the customer, walking in is a whole different experience than just going to the store to pick up your goodies. With an attractive storefront, helpful staff, and top quality product, they want to be two steps above the rest.

Where Will Modern Leaf Be?

Their first two locations are set to launch in Alberta. One located on 8th street in the heart of downtown Calgary, and the second in Grand Prairie as one of the few retailers there. With plans to spread across all of Canada in the future, they aspire to be one of the largest cannabis retailers we’ve seen yet.