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New Brunswick Cannabis Grower Takes Aim at Ontario

New Brunswick Cannabis Grower Takes Aim at Ontario

New Brunswick Cannabis Grower

New Brunswick Cannabis Grower Takes Aim at Ontario — Organigram Looks To Conquer Canada’s Largest Marijuana Market

Ontario is Canada’s largest market for cannabis with a population of 14 million. With privatization set for 2019, the province is an endless well of opportunities for marijuana companies looking to expand. Organigram has added its name to the list of producers looking to cash in on this lucrative endeavor.

The New Brunswick cannabis grower will supply the province of Ontario come legalization in October. In a statement issued earlier this week, Organigram’s CEO Greg Engel spoke about the significance of this expansion.

“Our agreement with the Province of Ontario is an important strategic milestone with significant impact for Organigram, but it also further galvanizes our ability to share our tremendous product experience and expertise with an even broader customer base”


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A Force to Be Reckoned With 

Ontario is simply the latest Canadian province added to the New Brunswick cannabis grower’s list of conquests. In addition to their home province, Organigram has already signed agreements or memos of understanding with Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, and Alberta.

The company will provide Ontario Cannabis Corp with a number of products… 27 to be exact. These will include dried cannabis itself, as well as pre-rolled joints, and oils and extracts.


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Privatization Looms

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With legalization looming, what the cannabis market will look like in Ontario is still up in the air (image via The Portland Press Herald)

Come October, the Ontario government will be in control of online sales through the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp. However, with private retailers to be in charge of Ontario’s brick and mortar stores, no one knows what might happen next.

Perhaps the New Brunswick cannabis grower, along with Ontario’s other suppliers will have to sign separate agreements when the private sector becomes established.

Who will populate this emergent sector of the market? The current grey market dispensaries that exist in Ontario would make excellent candidates, however, this seems doubtful.

Previous statements issued by the Trudeau administration have been clear. The Prime Minister has concluded that anyone who has been charged with trafficking marijuana will be banned from participation in the market.

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“If somebody is convicted of drug trafficking already, I don’t think they’re going to be rewarded with an opportunity to sell it legally. We’re going to do criminal background checks and make sure that this is being done responsibly.”

Time will tell what the future of marijuana will look like in Canada’s capital province. However, for now, the fate of the private sector, as well as the medical sector, appear to be illusory. 


By: Stefan Hosko



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