Liberals: NDP platform contains miscalculation, would defund programs including weed

TORONTO — Ontario’s Liberals say they’ve found an error in the NDP’s platform that would result in several programs being defunded.

The Liberals, who are fighting to hold on to power, say the New Democrats didn’t factor in government spending announced between last year’s budget and this year’s fiscal plan.

The party says the NDP‘s miscalculation creates a hole of at least $3 billion in the party’s platform.

The NDP says their platform doesn’t include all of the Liberals’ commitments from the 2018 budget on purpose, and doesn’t defund existing programs.

The Liberals say the NDP’s miscalculation would defund things like apprenticeship programs, funding for women’s shelters and implementation of the province’s legalized cannabis strategy.

The party has been going after the NDP more in recent days, as polls suggest growing New Democrat support and a Liberal party lagging behind.

The Canadian Press

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