Lawmakers in New Hampshire Approve Preliminary Marijuana Bill

The New Hampshire House of Representatives gave its preliminary approval to legalize marijuana on Tuesday.

Just five days after the Trump administration moved to rescind federal guidelines protecting state cannabis laws, New Hampshire lawmakers are moving in the opposite direction. Officials passed a bill to legalize marijuana and it is expected to soon move to the Senate.

Under the bill, people over 21 years of age would be allowed to legally possess three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana and grow up to three mature cannabis plants at home. Retail sales locations would not be allowed.

The neighbouring state of Vermont is pursuing a similar noncommercial approach to legalization. On the same day that Attorney General Jeff Sessions scrapped the Obama-era policy, the Vermont House passed a legalization bill. It is expected to give its final approval in the near future.

States Rebuke Sessions’ Anti-Cannabis Move

Sessions’ anti-cannabis movement was famously shunned by dozens of members of Congress. And not just democrats, republicans took their turn swinging as well. The swift movement from these two state shows an unexpected resilience from state governments.

On Tuesday, supporters successfully moved a floor amendment to scale a previously declined proposal back to only legalize possession and home cultivation.

According to Forbes,

“The vote on overturning the committee’s recommendation to kill the bill was 183 to 162. The body then amended the proposal to remove the commercialization provisions via a voice vote. Passage of the revised legislation was approved by a tally of 207 to 139.”