New Poll: Canadians Feel Uncomfortable Consuming Cannabis With Their Families

Two in three Canadians say they feel uncomfortable consuming cannabis with their families, a new poll published on Wednesday showed.

Unlike cannabis, the sentiment drastically differs when it comes to alcohol.

The poll – conducted by Nanos Research for the Business of Cannabis – showed that over four in five Canadians say they are comfortable or somewhat comfortable consuming alcohol with their families.

As Canada prepares for a nationwide marijuana legalization this summer, the poll shows great support “across all ages and provinces” for the unprecedented move, which will make the country the first developed nation worldwide to do so.

“Support is strongest among younger Canadians – those under 35 (82.1%) but still a comfortable majority of those between 35-54 years old (67.6%) and 55+ (64.2%) support legalization,” the poll showed.

Medical marijuana has also wide backing with “more than four in five Canadians agree or somewhat agree that there are medical benefits to cannabis consumption.”

It added: “This level of support was reflected across every demographic and geography.”

However, Canadians have mixed opinions on whether the marijuana industry is taking sufficient steps to ensure safety and responsible usage.

It said “Canadians are split,” with around two in five say “they agree (17%) or somewhat agree (25%), and another two in five who say they disagree (24%) or somewhat disagree (16%),” while 18% are unsure.