New Survey Shows Americans See Sugar More Dangerous than Marijuana

Yet in another attempt digging into the American psyche, a new survey shows that Americans see both sugar and tobacco as more dangerous than marijuana.

The survey was recently published by NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. In the poll, only 9 percent of Americans saw marijuana as more lethal in the substance group — a percentage that has been steady if compared to 2018, where 8 percent ranked cannabis as the most dangerous.

The poll showed that about 60 percent of Americans backed the legalization of marijuana, a percentage that is more or less the same if compared to other results gleaned from other polling agencies.

When NBC News and The Wall Street Journal asked the respondents if they backed weed legalization in 2014, that number was 55 percent.

There were 900 adults – about half reached by cellphone – that were interviewed between Jan. 13 and Jan. 17.

Poll: Almost half of Americans Want Weed Legalized Following Sessions Move
Eron Silverstein, 51, right, shops for marijuana at the MedMen store in West Hollywood, California, January 2, 2018. (File image via Reuters)

The Poll Shows Political Divides  

The poll showed that 73 percent of Democrats backed legalization, 64 percent of Independents and only 43 percent of Republicans offered the same stance.

However, this figure shrunk drastically to 37 percent when President Donald Trump’s supporters were asked if they backed the legalization of marijuana.

Age Divide

Beyond politics, there was also an age divide.

For those aged 18-34, about 73 percent of them backed legalization, while 67 percent of those aged 35-49, and 54 percent for those aged 50-64.

However, for those 65 or older, 38 percent supported legalization.

One of the previous polls were done by the Florida-based Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy. It conducted the poll from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13, by Interviewing 1,000 people across the country, and it showed that about 49 percent of American backed the full legalization of marijuana.

Meanwhile, a poll published by Gallup in October last year showed 64 percent of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal. This is the highest in 50 years.