New York Assembly-Woman Introduces Bill to Allow Animals to Get Medical Cannabis

Many people own pets, whom they adore and want only the best for.

This is likely what is fueling Amy Paulin, an assemblywoman from New York. This week, she introduced a bill that would allow licensed veterinarians to prescribe medical marijuana to animals.

“Why not make this tool available?” she told The Daily News.

For Paulin, animals already suffer many of the same ailments as human patients, so why not reap the same benefits from medical marijuana.

Her bill so far has no sponsor in the GOP-controlled Senate, but it was modeled after similar legislation introduced in California.

The assembly-woman hopes to meet with members of the veterinary community in the coming days to help build support. The Daily News said the New York State Veterinary Medical Society did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Paulin’s bill.