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Report: New York City is World’s Biggest Marijuana Consumer

Report: New York City is World’s Biggest Marijuana Consumer

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ny 20x13 - Report: New York City is World's Biggest Marijuana Consumer

It may not be legal yet but a new report shows that more marijuana is consumed in New York than any other city in the World

A study from Seedo shows that the city of New York is full of marijuana.

The city is far behind many U.S. states which have legalized marijuana but a plant cultivation device, produced by Seedo, shows that this is not limiting the residents from having the biggest recorded consumption rate so far.

An estimated 77.44 metric tons per year is consumed in the city.

The second largest consumer is Pakistan’s Karachi, which only consumes 41.95 metric tons per year, 35.49 metric tons less than the Big Apple. Marijuana is also illegal in Pakistan.

The reported study is not based solely on marijuana being smoked. Seedo estimates that if the substance was legalized New York City, it would increase its tax revenue up to $156.4 million annually.

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The company’s chief marketing officer of Seedo, Uri Zeevi, said New York is missing out on major revenue income.

“This is equivalent to providing nearly three months’ worth of free school meals to every single public school kid in New York City.”

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