NFL And Cannabis: Who Has The Bigger Game?

The cannabis industry will be bigger than NFL, says pot business Icon Michael Straumietis.

Straumietis, also known as “BigMike,” is the CEO of the BC-based Advanced Nutrients, a giant marijuana fertilizer and supplement company operating in 92 countries in the world.

“I predict that by 2020, the cannabis industry will be bigger than the NFL and by 2030, it will be bigger than the wheat, corn, and soy industries combined,” Straumietis, told the CT Post.

According to a financial disclosure by the Green Bay Packers, the NFL had distributed a record of $Moore in revenue to its 32 teams in 2016, marking a 10 percent increase from 2015.

Cannabis industry will be bigger than NFL
In this Nov. 20, 2011, file photo, an NFL logo is displayed on the Ford Field turf before an NFL football game between the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers in Detroit. (File image via AP)

NFL And Cannabis

In May, Mike James made history when he became the first NFL player ever to ask for a permit to use medical cannabis.

However, the NFL rejected his application. His story shows that even NFL players are in need of medical marijuana, boosting the green herb’s stake.


Straumietis, who became the first cannabis influencer on Instagram’s newly launched standalone app for long-form vertical video, IGTV, is considered to a powerhouse in the cannabis industry with his innovations.

He has also earned some credibility when he sounded the alarm over the arrival of even larger corporate firms, cashing in from what smaller players had worked hard to make possible in a climate innundated with illegalities.

The businessman added that: “Between now and then, expect there to be some wild developments. Some of them will stick, some of them will fade away as quickly as they appeared.”

Straumietis also gave some tips to potpreneurs.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and market projections,” he said:

“We’re in a young, rapidly developing industry that will only keep changing as it matures.”

The Canadian potrepreneur founded Advanced Nutrients in 1999 “after I’d already started making my own cannabis-specific nutrient formulations.”

“At that time, no other company was marketing hydroponic nutrients to cannabis growers — they were all saying their products were for tomatoes. I’m proud to say that Advanced Nutrients never hid what we were doing — we’ve always been loud and proud for cannabis. Today, we’re the No. 1 cannabis company in the world.”

His company is now branching out and launching other ventures such as Lacturnus Labs, a $30-million-plus cannabis research and development facility in Los Angeles.

Lacturnus is expected to be the first facility of its kind in the US. “I’ve also launched BigMike’s Blends, a  line of outcome-based pre-rolls,” he added.