No recreational cannabis and vaping lounges in Saskatchewan

The physiology behind the different ways of consuming cannabis
Inhaling smoke regardless of the source of the smoke will irritate and inflame the respiratory tract and has the potential to lead to cancer. Marijuana smoke, tobacco smoke, even if one were to roll up spinach, would elicit the same effect. (Image via Birmingham Mail)

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice in Saskatchewan announced that there will be no recreational cannabis or vaping in the province

The confirmation came after the province’s government released a series of fines and charges that could be implemented if a person was caught smoking in the restricted areas.

Earlier this year, approved bill 121 confirmed that there would be no cannabis consumption in parks, playgrounds, cinemas, outdoor theatres or any other place of public resort or amusement.

Trina Fraser, a cannabis lawyer, stated that Saskatchewan is among many provinces that have prohibited recreational cannabis or vaping lounges.

“Because you can literally make the argument that a sizeable percentage of the population will have no legal place to consume recreational cannabis if those types of venues are not legalized and licensed.”

In addition to this many landlords, building and condo owners have taken steps to ensure that no use of recreational marijuana in their buildings.