No Snow on Roof Brings UK Police to a Home With $100K Worth of Weed

UK police in the northern England county of Yorkshire were suspicious when they spotted a home with no snow on the roof on Thursday.

With trails of a strong smell of cannabis outside, the British police stormed the property in the same day finding to their surprise an estimated £80,000 or about $142,181 (CDN) worth of marijuana, the local Daily Mail reported.

The police found 322 plants in the home’s four bedrooms and in the cellar.

What the police found inside the home.

The marijuana cultivators used heat from the lamps to grow the plants, which is the reason why the ice and the snow on the roof were melting.

The marijuana plants inside.

Neighbour:’ Bathroom Wall Too Hot to Touch

One of the neighbors, Vicky Watson, 44, told The Daily Mail: “Two Eastern European blokes, in their 30s, moved in about 18 months ago.

“In the cold weather my house is normally freezing because the insulation is rubbish, but since they moved in next door my bathroom has been absolutely red hot. The wall was warm to touch.”

“It was suspicious, you could hear fans whirring but no normal sounds of people living there.

“They were two blokes with no kids. We thought they were gay.”