North Andover Factory Set to Become World’s Largest Cannabis Facility

Doctor Jeff Goldstein will turn a factory into a large cannabis facility.

Dr. Jeff Goldstein an oncologist, is the principal owner of a huge North Andover factory which was formerly utilized by Lucent Technologies. He is committed to progress with his neighbors in order to turn the factory into the world’s largest cannabis facility; for growth and research.

“Until I left for Israel in 2013, I sat around all day writing (patients) narcotics (prescriptions)”

This statement was made in an open forum at the factory during the weekend. He also stated,”patients were preferring and using medical cannabis.”

The estate which the factory exists within comprises of 169 acres of land, the factory, Osgood Landing, was built in the 1950’s. While in operation the factory employed more than 12,000 persons and made up 10 percent of North Andover’s taxes.

Although the community is excited to have the facility assist once again with the taxes, they are reserved as it pertains to Dr. Goldstein’s ideas.


Many have been recruited to assist with this goal

According to the Globe and Eagle-Tribune, a team of lawyers, marketing agents, knowledgeable cannabis producers, technologists and other important persons have been added to the workforce of the facility in order sanction the proposal.

One of major disputes is that of the growth in the economy and job division. It is understood that the facility would be able to provide jobs for at least 1,500 experienced workers. In addition, Goldstein stated he will pay $5 million per year for the upkeep of the business within the town.

Cannabis produced in the facility will supply regional retailers, and also become a testing site for many cannabis technologies. The majority of the cannabis produced would go towards supply.

It is anticipated that cannabis will rise to a billion-dollar industry within Massachusetts by 2020.