Nova Scotia Sets Legal Age To 19 For Marijuana Use

Nova Scotia outlined its rule on marijuana use on December 7th. Legal age to buy and possess marijuana will be 19. This will also match its legal age for alcohol use. The ruling also states that cannabis will be sold through Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation outlets and will be available online.

The Trudeau government introduced legislation in April with the goal of legalizing marijuana by July 2018 but left it to the provinces to determine details such as how it will be sold.

Nova Scotia sets the law for cannabis
Nova Scotia, along with other provinces are on track towards legislation.

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In addition, Justice Minister Mark Furey says the province also accepts federal rules setting a personal possession limit of up to 30 grams. Personal cultivation will limit of up to four plants per household. Provincial penalties for youth possession of up to five grams will be in place.

“We believe the NSLC is best positioned to sell cannabis, keeping it out of the hands of young people and making it legally available in a safe, regulated way.”

Nova Scotia Conducted An Online Survey

Nova Scotia is ready for legislation.
The provincial government announced Thursday that pot will be sold through certain Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. outlets and online stores.
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Nova Scotia released an online survey that was completed over 31,000 times and discussion groups led by MQO Research. Conclusively, just like other provinces, the results showed completely split opinions on NSLC. One thing was for sure, 78 percent supported Ottawa’s decision to legalize. The majority also agreed to outdoor use but with restrictions.However, slightly more than half (56 percent) supported the notion that recreational cannabis should be available in new standalone stores. Stores operated by a Crown corporation, rather than alongside beer, wine or liquor store. Illegal dispensaries will also be shut down.The NSLC believes they have the experience and the expertise to distribute and sell restricted products.  Since they did this with alcohol and now cannabis.Nova Scotia will still need to set some guidelines for legalization and like many other provinces, they are getting prepped for July 1st.