Nova Scotia Amendment Seeks to Restrict Smoking and Vaping Pot, Tobacco

The eastern province of Nova Scotia is seeking to amend its Smoke-free Place Act in light of the upcoming marijuana legalization in Canada by restricting smoking and vaping of both pot and tobacco, CBC News reported on Tuesday.

Its Justice Minister and Attorney General Mark Furey said Nova Scotia is looking at how it could balance the legalization of cannabis “with our goals to reduce smoking of any kind.”

The proposal so far would ban smoking or vaping of cannabis and tobacco on or within 20 meters of playgrounds located in an outdoor public space and publicly owned sport and recreation event or venue, located in an outdoor public space, CBC News reported.

It will also prohibit it on and within nine meters of public trails. Smoking and vaping won’t be allowed in provincial parks and on provincial beaches, except for within the boundaries of a rented campsite.

Any violations will land people up to $2,000 in fines.

However, the proposed changes will not restrict people from smoking or vaping marijuana in their own private residence, on their private property, or in their apartment if their lease contract allows.

No Cannabis Smoking in Vehicles

For cannabis use in any kind in vehicles – personal or otherwise – will not be allowed for both drivers and passengers.

The proposal also plans to outlaw smoking tobacco in vehicles “used as part of one’s job or work.” However, smoking in privately-owned cars also used for work purposes continue to be legal.

Doctors in Nova Scotia Make Recommendations

In a related story, a group called Doctors Nova Scotia on Monday announced six recommendations to reduce what they perceive as harmful once marijuana is legalized in Canada, Metro News reported.

Their six guidelines are:

  • The legal age of 21 to purchase.
  • Public education and awareness program.
  • Marijuana should be sold through government monopolies.
  • Invest in necessary infrastructure to establish government stores.
  • A pricing system to curb what is refers to as cannabis demand.
  • Province is cautious with the regulatory approach moving forward.