Weed Nuns put their faith in Cannabis, Meet the Nuns that smoke weed

Weed Nuns put their faith in Cannabis

A group of self-styled weed nuns, also known as the Sisters of the Valley have declared that they are putting their faith in healing power in cannabis.

The nonreligious group of sisters grows cannabis on a property situated amongst vineyards and apple orchards in Northern California.

They grow a strain of marijuana that does not have the Tetrahydrocannabinol components which is usually in the cannabis plant. The strain only houses the cannabidiol component that is prevalent in cannabis-based medicines.

The weed nuns produce and sell marijuana-based products that assist with various ailments and sicknesses like insomnia, arthritis, and anxiety, their top-selling products are well known for soothing achy joints.

Sister Kate, whose real name is Christine Meeusen stated that the plant they produce is considered hemp.

“It’s considered hemp because it won’t get anybody high, but it’s really marijuana. It’s medical marijuana, but just like over the years they’ve been able to develop strains that get you super high. We’ve also developed strains that don’t get you high at all.”

The sisters stated that they have been able to create and produce a line of medical grade cannabis products on the land they occupy, so they are required to wear headgear while handling the crops and products, strictly for hygiene purposes.

With CBD products gaining popularity the weed nuns not only produce their products, but they also import from Oregon.

The Weed Nuns Have Standards

Matriarch-in-chief at the Sisters of the Valley, Meeusen explained that she is a divorced woman who previously held the title of Marketing Consultant. She was open about having to raise to her two kids after her marriage fell apart.

Meeusen stated that she lived and raised her children in the Netherlands, which has universal health care.

She explained to Nightline that 50 percent of a person’s income in the Netherlands goes towards taxes.

“But guess what? They never pay a hospital bill. They never worry about their retirement or being homeless. So yes, we are very for a reasonable sort of socialism and that is paying your taxes and taking care of the marginalized.”

She added,

“We believe in paying taxes. We believe quite frankly that America’s culture of starving the tax system is wrong, it’s morally wrong. Most of us have lived in other places where the tax system actually works.”

Walker stated that she recently joined the weed nuns.

“I think as I grew older I came to see things differently and cannabis has been very much on my heart as a healing.”

Meeusen added that they all took vows to live simple lives.

“We do take six vows, we take vows service, of activism, about chastity which requires privatizing our sexuality. It doesn’t require being celibate but it does require keeping it very private off the grid. We have a vow of living simply which speaks for itself.”

Last year the sisters were able to collect $1.1 million in sales profit by just distributing the products developed from Mother Earth.

Meeusen explained that one of their main goals is to empower other women by creating jobs for them and showing them that there is no need to live in poverty.

“With a just distribution of Mother Earth’s gifts, no one has to live in poverty. We’re activists for the $15 minimum wage. We’re not going to invest our money in ostentatious wealth when we could be creating jobs for other women. That’s the goal.”

When they are not making their products, the Sisters of the Valley live as others do, surfing the internet, streaming youtube and smoking an occasional joint.

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