Ocean County Says no to Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Ocean County, N.J. says no to legal weed, urges towns to ban sales.

Ocean County citizens are not sold on legalizing recreational marijuana. According to the voting that took place on Thursday, they disapprove of the idea.

The freeholder board had a unanimous vote of 4-0. It was a firm decision to disapprove of the legalization of recreational marijuana and urge the towns within the county to follow suit.

The resolution made by the board stated that they are against the passing of legislation to legalize the recreational use and sale of marijuana and urged Ocean County municipalities to move forward with this decision.

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Monmouth County came to a similar resolution last month.

Lillian Burry, a freeholder from Monmouth County stated that she believes recreational marijuana is a major law enforcement issue.

“I think it’s uncharted water, at least for us, and I think it’s a matter we should avoid”

Monmouth and Ocean Counties are the only counties in the state of New Jersey to formally disagree with legalizing marijuana, however, this bold statement forms these two counties as an alliance. The move from both counties is largely symbolic, as the counties don’t have any legal control over the municipalities and can’t force them to ban weed.

Despite this, more than one Ocean City town has shown that they are not supportive of recreational marijuana. Berkeley and Toms River have introduced legislation which forbids marijuana retailers from doing business. Point Pleasant Beach voted towards banning marijuana sales; Seaside Heights and a couple other towns have also followed this path.

Surprisingly, Asbury Park and Jersey City, two of New Jersey’s most important towns have stated that they are open to the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Marijuana bagged out for recreational uses. via Fox News

State Senator proposes bills on recreational marijuana

A bill on the legalisation of recreational marijuana was introduced by State Senator Nicholas Scutari, in the Senate in January. Assemblyman Reed Gusciora is expected to put forward his bill in the near future.

Cannabis supporters have censured authorities for restricting marijuana without recognizing what a lawful marijuana bill consists of. The leader of the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association, Scott Rudder called the restriction “untimely.” To ensure others are educated on marijuana, Mr. Rudder will be hosting an educational event, structured on how to manage marijuana within the towns.