Too Far Behind? Oceanside City in California Considers Regulating Medical Pot

California made breaking headlines on Jan. 1 when it legalized recreational marijuana.

In 1996, California also made major headlines when it became the first state to legalize medical cannabis with the passage of the Compassionate Use Act.

But not all California’s many cities and counties are the same.

On Wednesday, the City Council of the coastal city of Oceanside finally decided to approve regulating and cultivating medical marijuana but rejecting having any dispensaries, CBS8 reported.

The approval came after months of proposing that Oceanside should be allowing production, testing, and sale of medical marijuana.

Oceanside is the third-largest city in San Diego County, California.

Debate Continues

However, the debate to regulate medical marijuana continues in Oceanside.

One cannabis nurse told CBS8 that there are people who are not getting high, not robbing or raping people, but want to get treatment.

“They are taking this medicine because they do not want to take narcotics.”
The Oceanside City Council on Wednesday night approved regulating medical marijuana and cultivation but rejected any dispensaries. (Image via 10News ).

There were also high school students, who expressed their concerns to the City Council.

One student, Madison Matella, said the presence of medical marijuana dispensaries in Oceanside will remind teens that it is out there, and will make them think it’s healthy and accessible.

“There are plenty of drugs they can get a prescription for at a hospital.”

There will be a second reading by the City Council on April 11. If approved it will go into effect in a month.