US Artist Offset Released After Police Finds Guns, Marijuana in his Porsche

US rapper Offset returned home on Saturday after he was arrested on suspicion of drug and weapon charges on Friday.

Offset or Kiari Cephus was arrested after police found marijuana and guns in his Porsche. He was pulled over originally for an improper lane change, however, his history as a previous felon prompted officers to search his vehicle.

Georgia Officers discovered three handguns, marijuana and $107,000 in cash, which led to his arrest.

The gun and marijuana possession charges mean the artist could have landed him in some serious trouble especially that he was released from jail in December 2015 on a five-year probation.

Offset is the husband of well-known hip-hop artist Cardi B or Belcalic Almanzar.

Offset and wife Cardi celebrate him being home (Image via

It has been reported that Cardi B, boldly stated on social media after posting a picture on Instagram that Offset is not on probation.

“For the record Offset is NOT ON PROBATION.”

His lawyer, Drew Findling, stated that Cephus is not guilty of any crime, his main focus is his family

“He did not commit any traffic offense and he certainly was not in possession of any weapons. This was an improper arrest and I believe in his innocence.”

He added

“He’s up as best he can considering the circumstances and knows he has not broken any laws. He is going to have his day in court.”

Offset returned home on Saturday on bail of $17,000.