Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Has Been Delayed

Ohio Medical Marijuana program was scheduled to launch on September 8.

The much anticipated Ohio medical marijuana program was expected to be up and running by September 8. However, with licensing and construction of the new facility still in progress, it’s clear that the program will not be up and running until early 2019.

The primary procedures that many of the medical marijuana companies will have to contend with include unmarked cars, randomized routes, as well as manifests before and after delivery.

Frantz Ward LLP Attorney, Tom Haren, who represents medical marijuana companies, explained that the state has been working with various companies to guide them along the way.

Criticism Over Ohio Medical Marijuana program

Jacob Wagner, Cleveland School of Cannabis (CSC) Dean of Instruction and Student Success, has been keen to criticize the severity with which marijuana is treated. He believes that cannabis is basically regulated like plutonium in the impending Ohio medical marijuana program.

Wagner explains that when students at the Cleveland School of Cannabis graduate and become employees in the medical marijuana industry, they are required to wear badges and the facilities where they are employed will be kept under surveillance through security systems.

The security systems will be monitored by the regulators of Columbus.

Haren explains that the worst thing that could happen in the program would be inferior products being allowed into the industry.

“The worst thing for the program would be some type of criminal activity of some kind of adulterated product making its way into the market and into the hands of the patient.”

Wagner says that the Ohio medical marijuana program is designed to ensure that every product is tested.

“It’s designed to also make sure that every product is tested, every product is properly packaged and properly labeled before it reaches the end consumer, the patient.”

Haren explains that another concern surrounding the industry is the issue of theft. However, the most pertinent concern is not the theft of cannabis, but money.

“To the extent, criminals are robbing places, they want the cash, not the marijuana, to the extent, there is criminal activity, it’s mainly due to the lack of adequate access to banking services.”

The excessive amount of cash floating around could be blamed on the federal government. Banks and financial institutions are not keen on allowing medical marijuana companies in most of the other states to open accounts. This is because federal money laundering laws have made financial institutions wary of dealing with cannabis companies.

Whether this will present significant issues for the Ohio medical marijuana program in the future is currently unknown.