Bill to Limit Medical Marijuana Use in Oklahoma Fails to Pass in the Senate

Ahead of a vote, a bill to legalize and strictly regulate medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma has failed to pass in the Senate, a local website reported on Tuesday.

Oklahoma’s News4 reported that Sen. Ervin’s bill – aimed at limiting the medical marijuana use for just serious health conditions – failed since other senators do not want to create confusion ahead of the upcoming vote.

Oklahoma voters will head to the polls in June to vote on State Question 788, which would allow people obtain a license for patients needing medical marijuana.

However, Yen said the ballot question will pave the way to legalize recreational marijuana, and his bill would legalize and regulate medical marijuana.

If the ballot wins a majority vote, patients in Oklahoma would pay $100 to obtain a license. Through the license, patients then can legally possess up to 3 ounces of the drug, six mature plants, and six seedlings.

So far, there are no qualifying conditions and it would be taxed at 7 percent for all marijuana sales.