Oklahoma’s State Question 797 to Legalize Recreational Pot is in Full Swing

A group is pushing for a petition on Oklahoma’s State Question 797 in hopes to legalize recreational marijuana in the deep-red state.

The group, The Green Vote, is collecting signatures for State Questions 796 and 797 to be qualified for the November election.

State Question 797, which seeks to legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana and would allow those 21 or older to consume or possess limited amounts of marijuana, so far has collected 118,023 signatures as of Sunday.

Question 797 would also provide for the licensing of cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, testing facilities and retail stores. Currently, it is only short of 7,000 signatures, KJRH reported.

Meanwhile, Question 796, which has received 105,026 signatures as of Sunday, is seeking to allow marijuana to be classified as an herbal drug to be regulated by the Oklahoma Cannabis Commission.

The Green Vote is working to get at least 125,000 signatures for each petition by Aug. 1.

The news of Oklahoma becoming the 30th US state to legalize medical marijuana was a surprise to many. Oklahoma, considered to be a conservative, Deep-Red state, shows how the legalization of marijuana is cutting across party lines.

For more information about the petitions, please check: https://gtvok.com/get-petitions.