One of Louisiana’s 1st Medical Marijuana Pharmacies Plans to Open in Metairie

One of Louisiana’s 1st medical marijuana pharmacies is expanding.

The Rx Greenhouse, one of Louisiana’s 1st medical marijuana pharmacies has decided they will expand their business from New Orleans to Metairie. This occurs two years after the lawmakers of Louisiana sanctioned the use of medical marijuana.

Dr. Sajal Roy, CEO of Rx Greenhouse, stated that preliminary approval has been given by the state Pharmacy Board and the Metairie branch should be in operation by September 1st. He continued on to say that he is confident that the lawmakers of the state and Pharmacy Board will provide the location with the final permission needed.

“We’re just excited to get started.”
Dr. Sajal Roy CEO of Rx Greenhouse

Rx Greenhouse is an established entity, with locations in Louisiana and Maryland

Not only was Rx Greenhouse chosen from among seven other applicants for the pharmacy permit to distribute marijuana in New Orleans, but it was also one of the 1st opened dispensaries in the state of Maryland.

“So, this isn’t our first rodeo. We get it,”

Roy stated that they know how to work with the providers in the area. “We know how to make sure patients understand the medication they are getting, how to use it and also how to help doctors document their clinical results so that they can get that information out to other patients.”

Louisiana pharmacies scheduled to only dispense marijuana that from particular producers

The Louisiana branches of Rx Greenhouse will be only be dispensing marijuana produced and manufactured in particulars forms by suppliers hired by Southern University and Louisiana State University, the only two centers authorized by the state to produce the medicinal-grade marijuana.

“These two suppliers are responsible for growing the marijuana as well as processing it”

Roy continued on to say that the forms sold at the Rx Greenhouse and other state-permitted pharmacies will include pills, topical creams, and oils.

“By using different solvents, they are able to process the marijuana into differnet forms”

The medical conditions that sanction a prescription of marijuana in Louisiana are: Cancer, HIV and AIDS, Muscular dystrophy, Multiple sclerosis, Cachexia/wasting syndrome, Epilepsy and Crohn’s disease.

Currently, medical marijuana can only be distributed to those with doctors permission. The certificates provided by the doctor are only valid for a 30 day period, then the patient has to return to the doctor for a review. In the event that the doctor sees progress in the patient’s condition the prescription in the renewed.

“Every piece of marijuana will be accounted for from seed to sale.”