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Cannabis online sales in Alberta to be ready on Oct. 17: Officials

Cannabis online sales in Alberta to be ready on Oct. 17: Officials

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Cannabis online sales

Cannabis online sales in Alberta will be “absolutely” ready on Oct. 17, the date when recreational marijuana will be legal nationwide in Canada, officials said Thursday.

Cannabis online sales in Alberta will be on time, the province’s Gaming and Liquor Commission officials (AGLC) and Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley emphasized Thursday, the Star reported.

Alberta is permitting private marijuana retailers to open brick-and-mortar stores, however, online sales of cannabis will be handled by the AGLC.

About 300 products, including dry leaves, oils and a variety of package sizes, will be available online for consumers to buy, AGLC president and CEO Alain Maisonneuve said.

However, contracts with cannabis suppliers are still being finalized, they added.

“Canada Post has great experience in delivering, currently, medical cannabis to Canadians” Maisonneuve said.

“We will work with common carriers like Canada Post to ensure … the best ability to count on age verification of the people at the door so that we ensure we’re delivering products only to adults in Alberta.”

Markup to be minimal

To eradicate the black market, Maisonneuve said the markup price will be most likely minimal.

So far, Maisonneuve can’t specify how products will be priced.

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“We will have to compete with the illegal marketplace and we are going to be pricing ourselves accordingly,” he says.

To make sure shelves are filled, the AGLC is currently working on a timeline to make sure products are delivered to retailers in time.

U.S. Technology company OnX Enterprise Solutions won a three-year contract in March to create an online cannabis sales platform for Alberta.

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