Ontario Cannabis Retail Application Casting Call

Leaders in Cannabis retail want to ensure fair access across the province

TORONTO, July 17, 2019 /CNW/ – Retail cannabis leader Ontario Cannabis Holdings (OCH) is putting out a call to would-be licensees ahead of the Ontario government’s next lottery round in a bid to ensure a more fair and equitable distribution of stores across the province. The organization is seeking to team with prospective retailers to ensure their stores are able to open on time, and within the regulatory framework set out by the Province.

“It’s great that the government is releasing more store locations earlier than expected, because the initial distribution of licenses resulted in very few Ontarians actually having access to legal cannabis,” said Jon Conquergood, CEO of OCH. “We understand the frustration many feel of not having a licensed store in their city, while some Ontario markets are over-saturated, and our goal is to help get more equal distribution of cannabis retailers throughout the province.”

When speaking of over-saturation, Conquergood is referring specifically to London, Ontario, where 12 per cent of legal stores are in operation, despite the fact that the city accounts for less than three per cent of the population. He and his team helped set up  London’s first store, Central Cannabis, one of the most successful cannabis stores in the province so far.

OCH is the newest venture from the founders NewLeaf Cannabis, which operated Canada’s largest chain of cannabis retail stores in the province of Alberta. That company was sold in September 2018, when the team launched OCH with the hope of replicating their success in Ontario. The aim is to work with new licensees to provide turn-key advisory services for anyone who qualifies for the lottery and is planning to bring a licensed store to their town or city where no store yet exists.

“We’re hoping to lend our experience and expertise to new retailers to ensure they are able to meet all of the deadlines to be able to open on time, thereby ensuring that Ontarians across the province have access to safe, legal cannabis,” said Conquergood.

Retailers interested in working with OCH can contact them at admin@ocholdings.ca or visit their website at https://ocholdings.ca/#contact.

About Ontario Cannabis Holdings Corp.
With an established strong track record of success in the Canadian recreational retail cannabis industry, OCH has long term plans to become a significant recreational cannabis retailer, facilitated by in-depth experience in commercial leasing, regulatory/licensing/permitting, retail operations and business strategy. OCH prides itself on being pioneers and stewards of the legalized recreational cannabis retail industry and looks forward to facilitating the further rollout of cannabis retail in Ontario through safe and reliable retail channels.

For more information, visit https://ocholdings.ca/.

SOURCE Ontario Cannabis Holdings Corp.