Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation Will Control Weed and Close Local Dispensaries

Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation to release new cannabis regulations. Should “clarify” the rules around the federal legalization of recreational weed next July, says Toronto’s Mayor.

The province’s new marijuana monopoly known as the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation is making new moves.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi launched the OCRC which is a subsidiary of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. November 1st  at Queen’s Park Ottawa legalizes recreational weed next July 1.

The first 40 stores of which will open next summer, jumping to 150 provinces in 2020. Edible marijuana products will not be sold until the federal government begins regulation.

How The OCRC Will Gain Control.

Mayor John Tory discussing his views on dispensaries and the new changes to ontario cannabis DC
Mayor John Tory: “It isn’t kind of a Wild West environment, where people can just go out and set up any kind of a shop they want. I don’t think anybody really supports that, except, perhaps, the people that are operating the shops.”

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The OCRC will also control all online sales and the government’s legislation. OCRC wants to permanently shut down illegal “dispensaries” operating, including forced closures as soon as charges have been laid.

The government stats that the raids will continue into 2018 until all shops close down. However, dispensaries fought back in hopes are some political views to change.

While police have raided the storefront shops across Ontario, mainly active in Toronto. Police say cannabis stores that we see in our neighbourhood are illegal and remain that way.

To corner the market for the government, the Cannabis Act would harshen penalties for individuals or corporations convicted of illegally selling or distributing marijuana and for landlords who rent their properties to them.

Penalties, Charges and Rules

No change for dispensaries once the ontario cannabis RC takes control
A Massive Toronto Police Raid on Pot Shops Signals a Turning Point in Legalization Battle.

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These penalties include fines of up to $1 million for a corporation. For individuals, $100,000 scofflaws plus jail sentences of up to two years less a day.

People 19 and over can buy, consume, and grow cannabis. Furthermore, people the federal government allows four cannabis plants grown in a personal home.

Tory welcomed the province’s bill. It should clear any questions allowing the storefront “dispensaries” to operate.

“Make no mistake, this is all about the rule of law,” the mayor told reporters after a meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne. Wynne said Naqvi’s legislation is “a plan for a safe, responsible distribution of cannabis.

“There needs to be a regulation of cannabis. We have a history in this province of regulation of alcohol. I think that doing this in a safe, responsible way means we put some parameters ON distribution of this substance,” she said.

But Wynne emphasized the provincial treasury is not expecting a huge cash windfall. “I am not assuming that this is going to be some opportunity for people to make money,” said Mayor.

In fact, at this stage of the game, being careful is important. Most people are looking for a buy-in and to make money. The ultimate objective to keep kids and families safe may be at stake. The importance of the OCRC will be to regulate all things cannabis. This will value of the consumer, the government and whatever form of dispensaries survive.