Ontario Dispensary Fines Could Reach as High as $500,000 a Day

Ontario landlords renting out to dispensaries could face 2 years of jail time. Dispensary fines could reach as high as $500,000 a day for landlords.

Ontario has elaborated on how fine for dispensaries will change come legalization. Unsurprisingly, Ontario will be up fines and punishments in the interest of keeping dispensaries closed.

In the bill tabled by the province elaborated on what exactly these punishments will incur. The target is individuals, businesses, and landlords.

Business taking part in running a dispensary face harsh penalties. First offenses will earn a fine starting at $25,000 and could reach highs of up to $1 million.

Private sellers face punishments of a $250,000 fine and possible imprisonment of up to 2 years once found guilty. Additional offenses on top of that will reach highs of $100,000.

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Dispensary Fines Send a Clear Message

An argument is being made that the government is punishing people for doing exactly what they are doing. Currently, Ontario has plans to open 40 of their own dispensaries by next summer. This will then expand from there to a total of 80 come 2019. It appears the government is pushing through dispensary fines in order to monopolize the market.

Medical patients have even bigger complaints. They are claiming that the new government inforced system prevents them from being able to get reasonable access to the medications they need.

Furthermore, it is expected that government ran dispensaries will have higher prices, a smaller selection, and lower quality product.

Not all is lost. Online dispensaries are popping up in mass and are active in a space that is much more difficult to control.

Regardless, it appears Ontario is cracking down on cannabis with increased dispensary fines in order to push out the competition. This further enforced the idea that legalization is about profit and profit alone.

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