Ontario Legalization Prevents You From Toking Just About Anywhere

Citizens of Ontario are getting ready for legalization. Unfortunately, the new bill will make it near impossible to smoke weed just about anywhere.Plans for Ontario legalization is almost universally panned. Therefore, it’s a mystery why they are continuing with it. For a complete look at whats wrong with that plan, read the article on it here.

Ontario Legalization Plans are Super Strict

The new bill restricts recreational cannabis users to private residences. Private residences are expanded on as “private self-contained living quarters in any multi-unit building or facility.” In conclusion, users are not allowed to smoke weed in any public space, workplace, vehicle, or boat.Medical users don’t fare much better. The law keeps them restricted to enclosed workplaces and enclosed public spaces. This includes “schools, child care centers, and the reserved seating areas of sporting arenas.” Therefore, any place that has a roof is a no go.Due to this, Ontarian’s are wondering what exactly the point is. Currently, recreational users are confined to their home when toking. Ontario legalization doesn’t really change anything. Except for, of course, that now the province can profit off it.

Ontario Cannabis

Profit Off it They Will

Ontario legalization gives the government a monopoly on the cannabis industry in the province. Increased fines and tougher rules will help up the profit as well. Breaking the new rules will net you a fine of up to $1,000 for the first offense. Furthermore, repeat offenses can reach up to $5,000.Essentially, as always, this is all about the money.