Ontario Legalization Plans are the Worst

Ontario legalization is a bumpy road. Excited users began to accept the sobering reality that legalization is not going to be all they had hoped for.

Premier Kathleen Wynne is determined to keep Ontario on a complete weed lockdown, despite legalization. There are quite a few things we don’t quite know yet, but this is the plan so far.

Ontario Legalization to Kill Existing Business

Arguably one of the worst parts of Wynne’s plan is to open up 40 stores over the entirety of Ontario. 40. This is in stark contrast to 100 dispensaries currently running in Toronto alone. 40 stores equal out to about one store for every 250,000 people. I’m sure you don’t need an explanation on why this is ridiculous.

Furthermore, there are over 1,200 in Ontario to buy alcohol. The reality is most people will not live close to a dispensary. This will keep users buying from private “illegal” sellers well past Ontario’s legalization date.

Additionally, all vapor and weed lounges will be shot down. That means no more Hot Box Cafe. This is all despite the fact that you are able to consume the infinity more harmful substance, alcohol, in mass at bars and restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants, edibles are off the table too. Instead of regulating them, Ontario’s legalization calls for just banning them all together.

Ontario Cannabis Store

New Rules Actually Harder to Enforce

Furthermore, the Ontario legalization plan will actually increase work for cops. Shutting down dispensaries, lounges, and enforcing the new rules will take a lot of manpower. Since the new rules are in some cases more strict (with higher punishments) then they are currently, legalization is not looking very appealing.Essentially, the Ontario legalization plan allows the government to have a complete monopoly over cannabis. It is quickly becoming clear this is the main goal.

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