New Leader of Ontario’s Conservative Party Promises Free Market for Cannabis

The Liberal party made headlines and lured voters when it incorporated cannabis legalization as part of its electoral platform in 2015. But later criticism surfaced, now miles of red tape is overshadowing the historic work.

The newly elected Progressive Conservative (PC) leader Doug Ford is using his savviness to his advantage when he promised a hands-off approach to cannabis once it’s legalized, CBC News reported on Tuesday.

“I don’t believe in the government sticking their hands in our lives all the time. I believe in letting the market dictate,” he told CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning on Tuesday.

Critics are rejecting the ongoing legalization as governments are moving towards monopolies, especially in Ontario. People who are already in the business will likely be on the losing end due to the hefty and tedious regulations.

Critics and activists till now advocate for the real free market to take effect.

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Ford, a former city councilor, won the PC leadership race Saturday after sex scandal allegations pushed former leader, Patrick Brown, to step down.

Ford is also appealing to future voters by promising to take a conservative approach when it comes to the budget, bringing critics of the current Liberal government, who is accused of widening the country’s deficit to a whole new low.

He summed his framework by saying that Ontario’s PCs are “always going to be progressive” but fiscally conservative.

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