Opinion: The First Steps Towards Fixing Ontario’s Cannabis Crisis

Ontario’s Cannabis Crisis: Poor Product

A recent article in BlogTo about Ontario Cannabis Stores providing customers with moldy flower ( bud ), along with slews of negative articles about the OCS, in general, has me begging the question, can we turn to craft growers as a solution to unsatisfied consumers?

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When it comes to flower, I would submit that, yes, Ontario Cannabis consumers should start rallying behind a craft grow model that resembles the Canadian craft beer market in regards to recreational cannabis. In actuality, the farm to table model has really been working just fine on its own in illegal cannabis green markets for decades, with no one ever dying or getting seriously ill. However, this does the government very little when it comes to tax dollars, and as Canadians, our beloved social programs don’t pay for themselves do taxation does need to be considered.

I will also submit, once people start using the word medicine, this conversation needs to focus on standardization which is mandatory for proper patient titration, but this conversation is about good ol’ fashion weed and how I feel, we in Ontario should move forward.

Ontario’s Cannabis Crisis: Opinions of the Customers

Residents of Ontario who are unhappy with the OCS should begin requesting that their government provide a logical infrastructure that allows independent growers to test their product within a framework that would allow them to thrive, profit and supply.

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You hear proponents of the Licensed Producer model constantly stress, “there may be pesticides” when it comes to illegal cannabis grows, but these same people tend to negate that we use pesticides on our food every day. Which we feed our kids. That’s not an endorsement for pesticides, but rather an endorsement of perspective. This would obviously require some large amendments to current federal legislation, but hey, so did legalization.

Ontario’s Cannabis Crisis: Pride in the Craft

The truth is, most MMAR legacy growers have way too much respect for their craft and pride in reputation to let anything compromise quality including toxic pesticides which can arguably be detected in the ash you smoke. ( Traditionally, experts claim that white ash indicates proper flush, black ash indicates dirty weed, this is contested )

Please keep in mind, I come from a mindset of harm reduction, this isn’t an endorsement of shwag weed shops. There are a TON of sketchy shops out there that sell dirty, rank, weed. There are also great Dispensary’s that provide quality flower. The top tier having better cannabis than what the Canadian government regulations allow Licensed Producers to create. If that’s something that interests you, do your homework, check www.weedmaps.com reviews before purchasing at an illegal dispensary. As well, if you’re so inclined, most dispensary’s give you the option to look at your weed to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it, at least to the naked eye. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a good step towards utilizing the internet for consumer-facing educational content, and to avoid moldy weed showing up in the mail.

The real solution, or rather a step towards one, won’t be implemented until people start looking at Cannabis for what it is, not compare it to what they already know.

Cannabis is not alcohol, Cannabis is not tobacco, Cannabis is not chemical drugs; Cannabis is cannabis. It’s complex, fascinating, and has certain healing qualities we are just beginning to understand. If we can move forward with this in mind, we’ll be able to build a proper foundation for cannabis that can benefit us all.

About the Author…Ben Rispin is creative director at Puff Digital, head of Marketing at Hello Cannabis and lifelong cannabis advocate. Follow him on Twitter @benjaminrispin

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