More than 2 Dozen Overdose On Synthetic Marijuana in Connecticut

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Authorities say more than two dozen people have overdosed from suspected synthetic marijuana at or near a Connecticut city park.

No deaths have been reported, but officials say two people had life-threatening symptoms.

Officials say at least 23 people overdosed at the New Haven Green and another two fell ill nearby beginning shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday. Three other overdoses were reported Tuesday night, but officials couldn’t immediately confirm if they were related.

Police were working to find the source of the synthetic marijuana. The drug consists of plant material sprayed with chemicals and has been blamed for overdoses nationwide.

Authorities say some victims were unconscious and others were vomiting.

Officials were testing the blood of the victims to see what they ingested. Officials say an anti-opioid-overdose drug helped some victims.

The Associated Press

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