Passive Smoke Exposure Issues Arise Throughout Canada’s Provinces

Some of Canada’s Provinces are Facing the Dilemma of Restricting Passive Smoke Exposure From the Atmosphere.

On the eve of Canada’s recreational marijuana legalization, various issues are arising regarding passive smoke exposure and each province is dealing with them differently.

Currently, the governing bodies in each province are attempting to illuminate the issue of passive smoke exposure as smoke blows into other people’s faces when cannabis smokers light up in public areas.

Alberta’s government has decided to eliminate the idea of smoke lounges until after the federal government puts together its rules and regulations on edibles, which could take another year.

However, provinces like Ontario and British Columbia have taken another route. They have decided to encourage lounges and show how they can be effective in eliminating the passive smoke exposure problem.

British Columbia’s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth stated earlier this year that there are many decisions still to be made and the province is waiting for federal regulations on cultivator licensing

However, British Columbia is scheduled to permit the use of pot in public places where tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted, although it will be prohibited in vehicles and in areas frequented by children, including beaches, parks, and playgrounds.

In Ontario, lighting up a joint in public will remain illegal after the legalization date in October, so lounges will benefit from this regulation.

Calgary has stipulated that the only places a person will be legally allowed to smoke or vape weed will be inside a private home or apartment, with the provision that the landlord allows it.

park bans weed, cannabis consumption sites
Calgary did away wit the idea of cannabis consumption sites, although some city councilors still support the idea (image via

Many were hopeful that the idea posted of having four designated public areas would be approved, but they were left wanting as the proposal was declined, as many Calgarians expressed they’re concerned regarding the plans.

Tiara Sillet, a cannabis lounge owner is already capitalizing on the passive smoke exposure matter.

Ms. Sillet and her wife, Annelene, opened Natural Budz, the cannabis lounge, head shop, and cannabis education center in Pickering, Ontario, last October.

They were able to equip the establishment with very high- tech and high-powered ventilation system, which is able to keep most of the smoke out of the air.

Their lounge allows the local cannabis smokers to light up or vape in an area that restricts the smoke from being in what is deemed as a public area where others could inhale the smoke without intending to.

“It’s like a bar, right? You need a place for public consumption that’s not literally every single place.”

Sillet stated that in her opinion, with a system like this, people will need an option. This is so even if they are homeowners or those leasing properties and are allowed the privilege of smoking in their backyard.

“If you’re telling someone to go and use it at their private residence, and they have minors, is that not worse? We’re putting people in a really bad position.”

At least one Calgary city councilor has called for the province to open cannabis lounges here to give smokers a place smoke or vape. He stated they should have the same privilege as a drinker walking into a bar for a pint.

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