British Star Trek Actor Patrick Stewart Backs Marijuana Legalization in Home Country

The famous British actor Sir Patrick Stewart has lent his full support for the legalization of marijuana, at least medicinally, in his home country.

The 77-year-old actor, known for his Star Trek role among others, already knows about the medical benefits of marijuana. Stewart used cannabis to treat his arthritis while living in California, the US state where both medical and recreational marijuana is legal.

The actor has also given his full support to the plight of the young British boy Alfie Dingley, who suffers a rare form of epilepsy, The Telegraph reported.

Alfie found marijuana works its magic during his treatment of epilepsy in Holland. He was able to reduce epileptic seizures, whom he used to experience up to 150 a month of these spams a month.

But upon his return from the Netherlands, Alfie has no process access to legal marijuana as it is illegal in his home country.

Ever since his return from Holland four weeks ago, he has been in the hospital three times.

His parents, Drew Dingley and Hannah Deacon, want their British government to allow their son take his marijuana-based medication without getting into hot water with the law.

“How could one not support Alfie?” said Stewart.

“Hearing what his life has been and the benefits given to him by being able to use medicinal marijuana.”

He added:

“There has never been a stronger case for the legalization of medical marijuana.”
Alfie has a rare form of epilepsy which can cause him to have up to 30 seizures a day (Image via PA)
Alfie has a rare form of epilepsy which can cause him to have up to 30 seizures a day (Image via PA)

The actor said he was registered for medical marijuana in California for over three years. “I have found it immensely beneficial for my arthritis.”

“I had to have eight steroid injections in my fingers and knuckles, which was about as painful as anything one could imagine, because medicinal cannabis is not available here.”

On Tuesday, Alfie and his parents will hand the 380,000-strong petition to Number 10 Downing Street.