Rep. Sen. Rand Paul Defends Kentucky’s Right to Legalize Medical Cannabis 

The Republican Senator Rand Paul said he will defend the state of Kentucky’s right after the House passed Bill 166, which would allow patients with certain conditions to use medical marijuana, the Courier-Journal reported on Monday.

“I believe decisions on how to regulate cannabis should be left to state governments,” Paul said in a statement Friday. “I support passage of HB 166. I believe that patients suffering from medical illness should have the right to try cannabis.”

On Thursday, Kentucky’s council approved a resolution by a 20-4 vote that supports the legislation in the state allowing the use of medical marijuana. The bill has already gained support from both from Republicans and Democrats legislators.

However, the bill requires a final session, which ends in mid-April.

In his statement, Paul further criticised Attorney General Jeff Sessions for annulling an Obama-era policy, which gave states the freedom to operate legalized marijuana businesses without any federal government intervention.

Sessions rescinded the Obama-era policy also known as the Cole memo in early January, soon after California became the biggest U.S. state that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

“I support legislation currently in effect that prohibits the DOJ (Department of Justice) from spending any money to interfere with state medical cannabis laws,” he said.

The health conditions that would qualify for medical marijuana in Kentucky would include AIDS, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome or Post-traumatic stress disorder, among many others.

There are 29 US states that have legalized medical marijuana.