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Mayor Calls for Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Mayor Calls for Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Latoya Jackman
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Believes Pennsylvania Should Legalize Marijuana (Image via Merry Jane)

Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney believes that legalizing recreational marijuana would benefit the state of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city.

On Wednesday, Kenney called for the legalization of recreational marijuana on the last day of the Cannabis Learn Conference and Expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Reiterating similar statements he made in May 2017, Kenney is convinced that selling cannabis from Pennsylvania‘s state liquor stores before New Jersey attempts to legalize the green herb could be boon for his state’s financial standing.

He said,

“New Jersey is poised to do it. Our people will be driving across the bridges and buying recreational marijuana in the state of New Jersey and the state of Delaware.”

Meanwhile, arrests for possession of small amount of marijuana in Philadelphia has dropped significantly.

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“We’re now down to 400 to 500 arrests — which is 4 to 500 too many. “There’s no reason people should be arrested for possessing this substance.”

Kenney explained that decriminalization of marijuana was the first on his agenda to address racial and ethnics discrepancies in the U.S. justice system.

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