People Who Hate Cannabis

People Who Hate Cannabis

So if you are watching this, odds are you have that friend who hates cannabis. People who hate cannabis despise every aspect of the plant. They hate the smell, they hate the effects, they hate the culture, they just plain despise the substance altogether. Maybe you’re watching this and you are that friend. To you, cannabis might be nothing but a substance that keeps people lazy and debilitated. You probably have friends of days past that currently live a lifestyle where in which they do nothing… but smoke weed. You’ve watched these friends squander their potential by prioritizing “getting high” over everything else in life. Ultimately your hatred of weed may come from a well-meaning place – your concern for the well being of others.

Nobody Can Deny it…People Who Abuse Cannabis do Exist
hate marijuana
Some people just hate cannabis

People who hate cannabis are quick to point to anecdotal accounts of friends who waste their days away smoking weed and eating Funions. But is cannabis to blame for these negative habits and behaviors? I am here to explain to you why cannabis is actually not the culprit you think it is. People who hate cannabis are incorrect. So Cannabis isn’t for everyone. We all have acquaintances who abuse cannabis on the daily. They were never like this before, until they started smoking weed! What happened? Did cannabis turn them into some kind of zombie that does nothing but smoke and eat?

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Well, no. He/she decided to start abusing cannabis when he/she decided they needed a viable means of escapism. A distraction from their daily responsibilities! People do the same thing with alcohol and prescription drugs. This is less a problem with cannabis, and more an issue with drug abuse in general. Said person’s personal motivations and psychological state must be taken into account when trying to understand why they abuse any given drug.

why some people hate marijuana

There are so many factors to take into account. People who hate cannabis are often slow to point to the nuance that is involved in cannabis abuse. Is the user depressed, anxious or suffering from some kind of mental illness? These can often be the root causes of a person’s drug abuse. The cold hard truth is, many people who abuse cannabis, or any drug in excess, probably shouldn’t be in the habit of consuming drugs at all.

Some people lack the discipline to keep their habits in check among their other daily tasks. However, let’s be clear… abusers represent a small portion of recreational drug users. People who hate cannabis should be keen to acknowledge this fact. And just because there exists a portion of cannabis users that can’t use the substance responsibly, does not mean the drug is harmful to everyone who uses it.

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Understand that the vast majority of daily cannabis consumers are people with the appropriate brain chemistry, physiology, and motivations to consume it safely and responsibly. Stats show that 64 percent of cannabis users in Colorado have full-time jobs. In California, 64 percent of cannabis users are parents who have families. If cannabis automatically made everyone who consumed it lazy and sluggish, how would all of these people keep their jobs and support their families? People who hate cannabis should acknowledge that most cannabis users are normal healthy functioning people.

Clearly, the effects of cannabis, like many other substances that people consume, are very much dependent on the user and their personal circumstances. So it silly to think that anyone who consumes cannabis will be automatically debilitated?

Nixon war on drugs

The next time you encounter people who hate cannabis, ask them this: Would you vouch for a federal banning on alcoholic beverages? It seems like there would be a good cause too! After all, alcohol kills 3 MILLION PEOPLE GLOBALLY! SHOULD WE BAN IT? Of course, we shouldn’t. First of all, we tried that, and it failed hard… But we also know and understand that the vast majority of us use alcohol in a responsible manner. It would be unfair to punish everyone’s freedoms for the mistakes of an irresponsible few.

Guess what? The same principles apply to the use of cannabis. The reality is that the vast majority of cannabis users are functional people capable of incorporating cannabis into their daily routine. Even yours truly is high on cannabis while editing this very video!

So let’s stop this double standard based on our anecdotal perception of this herb that has been stigmatized for so long. It’s 2018, let’s get on the same page of scientists and acknowledge the fact that cannabis isn’t the devil it was made out to be in school.

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