A Guide to Making the Perfect Puff Puff Post

A Guide to Making the Perfect Puff Puff Post


So you’re interested in The Puff Puff Post and you want to make your own post, but you don’t quite understand how the page works. Well, we have a step-by-step guide for you to create the perfect post.

It is actually quite easy! We made it super user-friendly so that you don’t miss a step. We want you to show your best self and best writing skills.

First thing is first, you will log in through your Facebook username and password. If you do not have a Facebook page, you can create one here. The come back to us, and log in! Now you are a member of the Puff Puff Community! Welcome, we are so happy to have you!

Once you log in, you will be brought to the main page where your amazing work will be created. The best part of this page is it is all drag-and-drop media. Look around. There are a few different sections: categories, tags, focus word and of course author. That’s you!

Focus Word

Scroll down the bottom and click on the box “focus word.” Now you do not need to add this right away. But there are important rules about the focus word that you should keep in mind:

  • Must be included in your title
  • Must be included in your first text paragraph
  • Make sure your focus word is included more than 5 times in your article
  • Lastly, the focus should appear in one of the “Header2” titles.

Title And Header

Now, this part is more important than you may think. A catchy well-worded title will draw people towards your article. Make the description short and sweet — something intriguing that will make people want to read your post!

PUFFPUFF TIP: This is not part of your drag and drop options and must remain in the first cell.

A picture tells a thousand words! So make sure you choose a photo that is a representation of your article and your focus word. This will be the featured image that people will see with your catchy Title and Header. Just below the image is a box called “description”. Here you will want to describe the photo and give any information that you think is valuable.

Also, it is super easy to upload your image. Either drag and drop from your files or upload image.

PUFFPUFF TIP: Just be sure you’ve included the source where you found the image. Proper attribution is important!


The Puff Puff Post consists of four main categories: News, Business, Health, and Strains. Choose which one best represents your article and main focus. For example:

  • News: politics, entertainment, breaking, world news, legalization
  • Business: stocks, how to invest, new ventures for licensed producers
  • Health: diseases and disorders, studies, CBD, THC, eating and drink
  • Strains: Strains for pain, What is THC?, Terpenes, Sativas, Indicas

The Puff Puff “Drag and Drop” Media:

The “text box” is immediately loaded and placed for you. However, that box is moveable. Now you can begin to design your article’s format. Here are some examples:

  • Text, Image, Header2, Image, Text, Embedded Code, Header2, Text, Quotation, Final text box
  • Text, Embedded Code, Header 2, Link (video from YouTube), Header 2, Image, Text, Header 2, Image, Text, Quotation, Final Text

PUFFPUFF TIP: The “Preview” box at the bottom will help to show you exactly what your article looks like when published. Use it to help with formatting and design.

Drag-and-Drop Media:


This is all you, friend! Where you are going to input your article. Now the most important thing about your text is splitting by ideas. Make sure to separate these ideas into headers using “headers2.” Max text should be 300 words. Within this box, you have the ability to use bold and italics, bullets, numbers, aligning text and add any additional embedded links.

So, if you have a study that you’re quoting from The Puff Puff Post, make sure you highlight that text and embed the link. Example: The Puff Puff Post did a study on how many writers enjoy writing on cannabis.

Add Image:

Do you have fun and interesting images that boost your articles appeal? Well either drag and drop or upload them in this box. Make sure you add an appealing description and don’t forget to cite the source where you found it!

PUFFPUFF TIP: Google, Getty Images, and cannabis websites are a good start to find your images.

Add Quote:

Sometimes in your interviews, you collect quotes from people that may be interesting, shocking, horrifying or uplifting. In fact, they are probably so interesting you want to highlight them. Again, do not forget to add who sourced it and where it came from.

“We are looking for writers!” said the Puff Puff Post.

This will be added to “Embed”. Well, we have all seen the videos of politicians, or interviews with top cannabis advocates, or even tours of licensed producer plants. And, maybe one has caught your eye and is valuable to your article. Add it in! Use the embed link for YouTube or any other video content.


Instagram, Twitter, Facebook! Nothing more to say than that. Use this wisely to help boost your viewers. Its all about social media nowadays and it can be utilized to benefit all parties. If you find interesting posts related to your text online, you should share them in your article.

Add Header2:

The header is an important part of your article. It helps to break down ideas into “text” box max of 300 words. Make sure it is interesting and to the point. It does not need to be a sentence rather a phrase or an explanation of what is to come in the following images and text. It should come before the appropriate text or image. See example below.

Enter in “Text” box.

PUFFPUFF TIP: Your “header2” should be catchy, interesting, and informative. It is important to keep it roughly under 10 words.


Well, at The Puff Puff Post, we know this is just as important as the article you submit. This allows our readers to find out who you are. Enter your name or handle in the box. Above all, add your link to Facebook, Instagram or website so readers can continue to follow your work!


Let’s get straight to it! Tags can be good for your blog. They can assist in easy navigation of related topics and can help search engines in better understanding the relevance of your site to specific topics. However, it can also be a downside and unhelpful if not used well. The good news is that tagging effectively is not particularly difficult.

PUFFPUFF TIP: The key is to tag sparingly and efficiently.

Don’t Forget to Preview and Proof Read

There you have it. A guide to Puff-ecting your post! Always make sure to edit, read through your text and check all your media. Use the “Preview” button to see what your article will look like. Go back and edit if necessary. Use can always drag and rearrange your boxes to what best suits your article’s format.

Edited, checked and ready to publish.

Hit “Submit” and it will be sent to The Puff Puff Post Team.