Curious Case of Phil James, Who ‘Vaped’ his Brain Tumours Away

There is a clear lack of scientific evidence that says marijuana is a cancer-eating green herb. But a man by the name of Phil James from the UK is claiming that his brain tumor has almost completely disappeared after ‘vaping cannabis’.

Phil James, 32, was given only two years to live after his unfortunate diagnosis.

In late 2015, James was diagnosed with a grade three Anaplastic Astrocytoma or brain tumor, reports the Daily Post. Since then, he started taking CBD Indica, found in cannabis, for two years.

After his CBD consumption, James said he hasn’t experience any seizures since last March after previously suffering one every six to eight weeks.

He said:

“I was told I had two years to live. I was told there was nothing that could be done.”

But James didn’t give up. He researched and was open to alternatives, including improving his diet.

“I took the advice about using cannabidiol from London St George’s university’s paper showing its effects on Glioma (brain cancer) and I changed to a strict, healthy diet.”

“I’m a two-year survivor of brain cancer, I use CBD Indica, and I would rather be illegally alive than legally dead. I do put it down to diet and taking CBD,” he added.

James is now calling for the legalization of medical marijuana. The UK is lagging behind some European countries in being a strict medical marijuana cyclic despite evidence of cannabis medicinal benefits for epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis patients for example.

Phil James and his vape. (Image via Daily Post)
Phil James and his vape. (Image via Daily Post)

Six Clear Brain Scans

After his ordeal, James said he has six clear brain scans meaning, showing only minimal traces of his tumour.

On Wednesday, British MPs obstructed a bill proposed by Labour MP Paul Flynn to legalize medical marijuana. James is travelling to Westminster on Friday alongside Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones to support Flynn’s bill calling for cannabis to be legalised for medicinal use.

James has moved on with his life. He married his wife Nicola in April last year.

Scientists and doctors believe there needs to be more research on marijuana to give a final say on the herb. So far, a number of small studies showed that marijuana can be helpful in treating nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy.