Police Make Arrest in Death of Calgary Chef Killed in Break and Enter

CALGARY — Police have arrested a man in the killing of a Calgary chef during an attempted break and enter at a cannabis shop next to a cafe.

Police say Christophe Herblin, who was 56, had responded to an alarm at the cafe on March 14.

Officers had searched and cleared the area, but police say Herblin remained and was attacked by three people who had returned to the scene.

Herblin was injured but managed to walk a short distance to a nearby business for help.

Homicide detectives have arrested a suspect, but he won’t be identified until he is formally charged.

Investigators say they want to talk to two people believed to have more information about the attack — Fritz Chiefmoon and Kiara Leather of Calgary.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 3, 2020

The Canadian Press