Police officers decry ‘offensive’ restrictions on off-duty cannabis use

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Police officers decry ‘offensive’ restrictions on off-duty cannabis use

OTTAWA — The association that represents front-line police officers says some forces are implementing nonsensical and downright offensive policies that prohibit or severely limit off-duty cannabis use.

The comments come as the RCMP and the Toronto police service both eye a rule that would bar cannabis use by members within 28 days of a shift.

The Calgary police service’s policy is even stricter, barring the vast majority of officers from consuming marijuana while off duty.

Tom Stamatakis, president of the Canadian Police Association, says officers should be trusted to make the right call when it comes to reporting to work fit for duty.

He wonders why cannabis is being treated differently than other legal products such as alcohol and prescription drugs.

Stamatakis says there has been no meaningful consultation on the creation and implementation of cannabis policies for officers, which vary from force to force.

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