Police Searching Homes for Drugs After Yale K2 Overdoses

The Canadian Press
Police Searching Homes for Drugs After Yale K2 Overdoses

 The Latest on More Than 70 Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses in New Haven, Connecticut

Police in Connecticut are swarming a city park near Yale University and searching people’s homes for drugs in an effort to prevent more overdoses from a batch of synthetic marijuana.

More than 70 people were hospitalized in a 24-hour period in New Haven.

City Police Chief Anthony Campbell says increased patrols are on the New Haven Green, where most of the overdoses occurred Wednesday. Campbell said Thursday that officers are executing search warrants in an effort to get all the bad “K2” off the streets.

Campbell said it appears one of three suspects who was arrested was giving the drug away for free in an effort to get people hooked.

Mayor Toni Harp says plans are being finalized for President Trump‘s drug czar nominee, Jim Carroll, to visit New Haven on Monday.

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