Police Shut Down Open-air Marijuana Market in Vancouver

After receiving complaints, police have shut down an open-air marijuana market in Vancouver’s Robson Square, The Vancouver Sun reported on Monday.

The paper said police have received complaints in recent weeks that vendors in Vancouver’s downtown market were selling marijuana to minors and questioned whether they had business licenses to sell.

The vendors also set up their tents and carts in the pedestrian-only area.

The police so far have no confirmation about these allegations.

“There has been some police response related to the activity at the Vancouver Art Gallery,” Sgt. Jason Robillard confirmed on Monday. “However, we do not have additional information to provide at this point.”

While marijuana is prohibited in the western province of British Columbia, marijuana is tolerated in the city of Vancouver.

People in Vancouver are among the vocal supporters for marijuana legalization in Canada.

Vancouverites organize a pro-cannabis event every April 20th of each year to raise public support for marijuana decriminalization and legalization. It is reported that some 40,000 people attended the 2017 gathering.

Canada will be the first Group of Seven countries to legalize marijuana nationwide and the second in the world after Uruguay this summer.