Polish Pharmacists Treat Patients with Cannabis

Polish Pharmacists treat patients with cannabis after the legislation came into force last Wednesday. November 1st marked the first day that cannabis can be legally sold in Polish pharmacies. President Duda signed Poland’s medical cannabis bill into regulation, making Poland the latest European Union member country to authorize the use of medical cannabis.

After a long, difficult battle through parliament, politician Piotr Krzysztof Liroy-Marzec has finally managed to gain enough support to pass legislation of the use of cannabis for medical reasons. Pharmacists are now ready to prepare to treat patients with medical cannabis, according to the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber (PPC). A cannabis institute is being set up to educate doctors, pharmacists, and the public on how to move forward.

Pharmacists Treat Patients Cannabis

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Patients must receive permission to use medical cannabis from a regional pharmaceutical inspector, followed by a medical approval from a physician. Some of the qualifying conditions eligible for medical cannabis include, but not limited to, chronic pain, nausea, multiple sclerosis, cancer treatments, spasticity, and treatment-resistant epilepsy. However, there are no specific conditions laid out in the legislation. Cannabis will only be available through registered pharmacies, and the medicine must first be filed with the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products.

Although it is now legal for pharmacies to sell cannabis to qualified patients in Poland, passing the legislation to legalize medical cannabis was only the first step. At this time there is no system to properly cultivate cannabis, and any cannabis products will have to be imported from other countries in the European Union.

Pharmacists Treat Patients Cannabis

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There is one exception in the legislation that allows patients who cannot access cannabis in Poland to visit one of the bloc’s 13 member cannabis-friendly states in order to fill their prescription.

Another easy way to access cannabis in Poland is Cannabis may also be imported from Canada or the Netherlands, a more viable, yet costly solution. Pharmacists estimate that the cost per gram will run patients about 50-60zł ($13-$16 USD), adding up to about 2000zł ($550 USD) per patient per month.

Poland’s medical cannabis program went into effect last week, however, the restrictions on domestic cultivation could mean an expensive and short supply of cannabis.

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