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New Poll Shows Almost half of Americans Want Weed Legalized

New Poll Shows Almost half of Americans Want Weed Legalized

Dina Al-Shibeeb
Poll: Almost half of Americans Want Weed Legalized Following Sessions Move

About 49 percent of American backed the full legalization of marijuana in their home country, a new poll has shown following the U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions’ move against marijuana.

Florida-based Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy conducted the poll from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13, by Interviewing 1,000 people across the country.

Funny enough the poll was released by Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), the U.S.’s most prominent anti-legalization group, reported VOX on Thursday.

Mason-Dixon did not ask a binary question on whether the interviewee wanted to see legalization to take effect or not but rather inquired with multiple questions about the current federal policy being in place.

It found out that 16 percent of Americans favored keeping the current policy. About 29 percent supported only medical legalization, 5 percent for decriminalization, and 49 percent egged on full legalization. Meanwhile, the remaining 1 percent were not sure.

After California’s marijuana legalization on Jan. 1, Sessions rescinded an Obama-era rule, which allowed states that have already legalized marijuana to freely operate or possess cannabis without any federal government intervention.

The poll found that only 25 percent of Republicans backed the current federal government policy while 36 percent backed medical marijuana, 2 percent backed decriminalization, and 36 percent supported full legalization.

Seeing Republican voters swing towards either the legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational is not a surprise.

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Customers shop for “Green Friday” deals at the Grass Station marijuana shop on Black Friday in Denver, Colorado, U.S., November 28, 2014. (File image via Reuters)

Earlier Poll

Gallup showed in a survey it released in October that 64 percent of Americans support supporting cannabis legalization, the highest ever recorded by the survey agency.

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The poll showed 51 percent of Republicans agreed that marijuana should be legal, up from 42 percent from 2016.

In a statement, SAM said that the poll shows Americans are evenly split on legalization.

“These results clearly indicate the oft-touted vast public support for marijuana legalization has a shakier foundation than marijuana investors would have you believe,” Kevin Sabet, president of SAM, said in a statement. “This should give pause to politicians and marijuana financiers alike.”

Republican politicians, meanwhile, are among the opponents against Sessions’ move.  Rep. Gov Cory Gardner of Colorado – one of the first states to legalize marijuana – is an avid opponent, he even accused Sessions of lying and that he won’t  go after marijuana or Memo Cole, another name for the Obama-era policy.

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