Poll: 65% of American believe smoking weed is morally acceptable

A new survey shows Americans are now rating pot smoking on the same scale as same-sex relationship and premarital sex.

The survey was conducted by Gallup, an American based, global management consulting company.

It recorded that 65 percent of Americans say that smoking marijuana is now morally acceptable.

In 2013, when a similar survey was conducted by Public Religion Research Institute the numbers were significantly lower.

Similarly, there has also been a recorded rise in the number of residents that favor legalization. The percentage has risen from 48 percent to 64 percent.

In the case of morality, the gap between marijuana and alcohol is mostly coming from people who are more conservative.

The trend to legalize marijuana is continuing. In Michigan, residents will decide in November if they want to legalize it.

In that same time period, Utah and Missouri will be looking into the medical marijuana.